CHSCA May 7, 2007 Meeting Minutes

 Meeting came to order at 7:40

Gil Short introduced himself and other offices

Went around the room and introduced ourselves

No notes from last meeting



Dick Robbins- treasury report

-Jerry Anderson will check with Kevin Tucker on building the cover for pump

-2007 proposed for church donation of $175 was changed to $100

-Ann Creedon reported for Dan: says we should give money to Lynnhaven Now Fund. Gil motioned, Patty seconded it- $75 to be donated to NOW. Approved.

-Budget was approved (Gil made motion to accept budget report, Dave Williams seconded and it passed)


Directory was brought up by Dave Williams- since John Rossman has moved away and he was the one who did the directory and got advertisements. Liz Needham says she will put together the directory but will not do the advertisements.


Dues have not been collected for 2007. Emails will be requested on dues forms.

Block captains will be advised- they are responsible to provide information on neighbors who are sick or recently deceased. They also need to update their directories.

We got 163 dues back out of 187 for 2006.

Chris Currin can help with Liz by using programs as a realtor that have up-to-date info.

Dave Williams also addressed the fact that email gets out info fast incase of emergency.

Liz will check into phone call system for emergencies and how much it costs.


Chris Currin brought up front sign- changing letters to something more modern and due to recent vandalism of letters (removal of certain letters) She will look into possibilities and report at next meeting.



Patty Maddox requests help on committee

o   Block Party- at Anderson’s house with a pool. Set for Friday, August 24 with a rain date of Sunday, August 26.

o   Sidewalk chalk day with theme of “summer fun”- June 3rd

o   Chris suggests advertising a beach day on a Sunday for the neighborhood; no food or drink will be provided.

Ronald Balding discussed property taxes.  Need people to be at council meeting (May 15th) for proposed budget.  He passed out fact sheet on Virginia Beach Taxes  and “Reduce Rate to 78” flyers and yard signs.


Ann Creedon (for Dan)-

-bench at park noted with plaque for Dee Champion. Nothing done. Need action.

-Petition to sign Marina Shores Villas

-Indigo Dunes- Lynnhaven boathouse, etc- put in 300 units- wetlands meeting on May 21st

-Shore Drive Coalition has met with our area councilmen on these proposals.


Dave Williams brought up grid lock, etc, travel problems in emergency situation- Hurricane readiness Plan prepared by Dave has been forwarded to Shore Drive Coalition to use in their argument against Shore Drive build-up.


Jerry Anderson September 1 power surge- he has sued and is asking if anyone has information to help his case. July 30th is his court date.


Florence Slifer- wants to start up the garden club again. Florence will be the garden committee leader. We will put it in the newsletter to look for volunteers.


Next meeting tentatively scheduled for July 17th.


Meeting was adjourned.