CHSCA Meeting Minutes

28 July 2008

Prepared by Bethanie Ashe and Approved by Ed Chittenden


-Meeting to order at 19:30

-Ed Chittenden (for Gil Shortt) w/intro and review of major points of last meeting 04 Feb.

  Bethanie Ashe introduced as stand-in, volunteer Secretary for this meeting. 


Treasurer’s Report by Dick Robbins


            Working Fund             $3,355.27

            Social Fund                   1,189.63

            (total)                            4,544.90


*Contingency/Legal Fund $5,166 as of present date (funds in CD w/current APY of 4.5% w/maturity date of 8/17/08).  Funds need to be reinvested, unclear of future APY w/current market condition. Treasurer’s report accepted as presented. Treasurer authorized to reinvest CD when matures on 8/17 at best rate available.


In-Memoriam report by Ed Chittenden


            Longtime residents Eleanor Dyas (1966), Anne Levy, and Faye Jones passed

            away since last meeting. An “In Remembrance” of Anne was read. A budget

“welfare/memory” fund review/reinstatement, deleted on motion/vote last meeting, was proposed with no current action taken.


Committee Chair Reports:


            Social Arrangements - (Ed for Patty Maddox) - Community-wide picnic planned

for Friday, August 29 at 17:30, with a rain date of Saturday, August 30, at 2112 E. Admiral Dr., hosted by Jerry and Nancy Anderson. (Note: these are updated dates, a week later than the August 22nd and 23rd dates announced at the meeting).


Neighborhood Watch - (Ed for Chris Wood) - Cautions continue against near neighborhood break-ins/unauthorized entries of vehicles and, most recently, an animal control impersonator.


Entry Maintenance- (Presented by Kevin Tucker) - Continues to be maintained by Pee Wee Landscaping and Gentle Rain irrigation.  Costs of electrical expected to rise d/t rising energy costs by Dominion Power. Imminent repair scheduled for erratic floodlight cycling. Potential masonry repairs to front E. & W. walls/caps above signage and six column caps, proposed by Ed Chittenden last meeting (and since updated with a more palatable labor-bid cost estimate, an approval gained from state park to perform work on its property subject to $1M contractor liability insurance, and permit liaison/expectation from city), are on hold.


Newsletter Editor (Presented by Edith Edwards-Talbot) - Some newsletter format changes anticipated to help streamline creative portion of prep. process and may consider stretching  publication cycle from quarterly to thrice per annum.


Waterways- (Presented by Wally Dennison) - Issues regarding trash/debris transport into canals.  Increased awareness for community regarding what should not be allowed to enter our waterways and canals.


Items Not on Agenda


Need for a community-wide, master, e-mail address system coordinator suggested by Ed Chittenden with no current volunteer identified.


Front entry CHS “Notices” board - Dave Williams and Bud Statzer volunteered to design, construct and replace aging structure on Kendall St.


Unfinished/Old Business:


Memorial Bench - Update of recurrent proposal by Dan Creedon to place memorial bench at location of present bench in disrepair at entrance to park.  Budget of $500 proposed by Gil Short, and called to vote.  Vote passed to appropriate $500 to fund for bench; balance of funding anticipated via donation process. Proposed names on bench of Dee Champion and Anne Levy were voted on and passed.  Base cost $757 for teak bench; and total cost of approx. $900 including tax, shipping, and engraving.  Installation of cement pad and bench, at no cost to CHSCA, are courtesy of First Landing State Park.


Recognitions - (1) Liz Needham, Editor, and Susan Shortt, Ad Director, for CHS

Directory 2008-2009; (2) Edith Edwards-Talbot, Editor, for summer 2007 re- 

launch of CHSCA Newsletter; and (3) Dick Robbins, Liz & Chuck Needham, for recent vinca plantings at front entrance.


            CHS Survey - (Presented by Ed Chittenden). Only 13% of households

participated though compilation summary of results is revealing (see attachment).


Officer Nomination Initiatives. Gil Shortt announced he was stepping down as President. He is succeeded by Ed Chittenden whom clarified that he too expects to shortly step aside upon transition to newly elected officers anticipated next quarterly meeting. Dick Robbins plans to continue serving as Treasurer until 2009. Ed sought a nomination committee of three to systematically conduct search and recruitment of new officer nominees. Marty Schuman, lead, with Dan Creedon and Jerry Anderson, volunteered to serve on this committee and will report their interim progress to Ed each month.


Traffic Signal/Pedestrian Crosswalk Update - (Presented by Ed Chittenden).


Recent letter sent from Gil Shortt to city mayor requesting status/results of city’s planned study in response to CHS petition letter and report of Oct. 2007. Through earlier back channels, it was learned that city traffic engineering conducted survey of Shore Dr. and Kendall St. in April 2008 and that an internal July report stated that, as we anticipated, a traffic signal is not warranted based on federal guideline criteria. However, high speed on Shore Dr. coupled w/severely limited sight distances owing to visibility obstacles for CHS-exiting vehicles and crossing pedestrians continue to be safety issues that CHSCA will pursue to resolution.


New Business:


Dues - Current dues $20.  Planned increase proposed to $25.  Motion voted and passed to raise dues to $25 starting in 2009.  Increase needed to keep pace w/rising common ground maint./landscaping and energy costs.


Covenant Issues - Boats/recreational trailers in driveways, overall yard maintenance, realtor signage at front entrance, broadcast “noise” source annoyance, presented and discussed.


Feature Presentation: “Before the Storm,” - Presented by Dave Williams


Abbreviated power-point presentation on preparedness aspects and evacuation times from Cape Henry/Hampton Roads in event of hurricane.  Full presentation planned on August 11, 2008 at 19:30, same site, 2217 W. Great Neck Rd.


Next quarterly CHSCA meeting scheduled for Mon., 27 Oct. 2008, 7:30 pm. Meeting adjourned at 21:18