Summary Results of CHSCA Survey1                        rev 7/30/08


Number of completed surveys returned: 25 or 13.3% of CHS households2


                                                                                     No. Returns

Q#-Survey Question/Response Categories by Rank                Yes     No   Comment   

 1 - Is it important to you that CHS has a civic league?   24        1    6/24 very important

      sampling: - establishes sense of community; allows fair action;

                     - poor attendance not a measure of CA’s appreciation level;

                     - 187 voices cannot all be effective - CA their representative.


 2 - Will you support a civic league by attending at least

       one meeting per year? (There are only 4 per year).   21        2    +2 conditional “yes” if no day/wk conflict;

                                                                                                          6/21 stated they do attend meetings.

 5 - If you (your household) have not held office…

      would you be willing to take a turn at being an      

      officer, block captain, committee chair, etc.                 7        9   + 9 from current/past position holders.

Number Returns (_) Bracketed by Principal Summation Categories of:

(3) would help/assist on special projects;

(2) would do block captain;

(2) consider next year; to find out what’s involved;

(2) younger/new persons should;


  3 - Why don’t you attend the meeting now?

Number Returns (_) Bracketed by Principal Summation Categories of:

(9) scheduling conflict; no time; lower (or have church) priority; burning candle both ends; forgetful;

(8) I do attend now;

(4) medical - health/caregiver; advanced age;

(1) ea. of following - late notice sign tendency; new resident yet to acclimate to notification.

Summary Results of CHSCA Survey (con’t)


  4 - What should be done differently to get you to attend?      


Number Returns (_) Bracketed by Principal Summation Categories of:

(8) Dates of meetings; earlier notice (use e-mail); have meetings not interfere w/holidays, school   

      breaks; different night; block captains call to remind;

                   (4) cake & cookies…meet & greet…name tags…special events…;

                   (4) publish/announce agenda; highlight decision items/options/impacts;

                   (2) more interesting meetings/speakers.


  6 - What concerns you about our neighborhood? How can our civic league help improve your life in CHS?


Number Returns (_) Bracketed by Principal Summation Categories of:

                   (5) pleased or satisfied with life/CHS;

(5) presentation/maint. condition of front entrance;

                   (4) safety, through traffic light/pedestrian crosswalk…curbing speed on Shore Drive;

                   (4) appearance of select properties/boat(s) in driveway;

(4) debris collection & transport into canal system incl @ First Landing & bike trail; maintenance of

      canals/storm-water systems; riparian rights;

                   (3) crime alerts; encroachment of gangs & related;

(2) con’t CHS Directory/newsletter publication;

(1) ea. of: - get more young people involved; lack of street lights; convince residents 2-4 hr/yr civic dedication improves quality of life for all; organize togetherness groups - bch parties, biking, people & pet walking; benchmark similar civic assns.; prop. taxes; lack of issues representation at city council.    


1In response to an action item at CHS meeting of 4 Feb 2008, this survey was, designed, prepared, distributed and collected by Patty Maddox, with results co-compiled by Patty and Ed Chittenden, dated 7-24-2008.         

2Number of households returning completed surveys is pseudo-comparable with the historical level of peak attendees at CHSCA meetings.