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Garden Club Revitalization

If you enjoy gardening or would like to learn more about it, consider joining the Garden Club.  Judy Bland is forming a group and needs your help. 

You don't need to know anything about gardening to get involved.  
Any and all available assistance is desperately needed.  If you aren't able to physically participate, you can still support the group with ideas or donations.  

For more info contact Judy @ 496-4148.

A meeting date and time will be announced Shortly.   Bring your Ideas!


Fall 2006 Garden News

pansy pic

CHS Garden Club Pansy Sale 
Saturday, October 14, 2-4 pm
2212 E. Admiral Drive
The Butterfly Express will donate Pansies to the Garden Club valued at 10% of sales proceeds.  The more you buy, the more the Garden Club receives to plant at the Front Entry and Notice Box gardens. Last year, the Garden Club received over 30 free pansies.  
Thanks for your continued support!!!
For more info contact Carol at 496 9987 or

Read more below...

Saturday, September 30th, 10:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Virginia Beach Master Gardeners Present

7th Annual Gardening Festival

'Preparing America's Garden'


Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center

1444 Diamond Springs Road, Virginia Beach


  This free event is sponsored to promote the planting of red, white and blue gardens across Virginia in 2007 to commemorate the first permanent English Settlement at Jamestown. Plants and landscape designs will be on display.



Presentations and demonstrations are scheduled throughout the day.  Demonstrators include:  The Virginia Native Plant Society, Audobon Society, VA Butterfly Society and Herb Society.


For more information contact the Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Beach Office (757) 385-4769 or go to



Norfolk Botanical Gardens

The Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Children’s Garden is now open.  The Gardens will also be hosting “History Alive” a historical re-enactment tour October 6-8.  For more information on these exhibits and classes go to


Garden News - March 2006

Garden Week, Earth Day and Azalea Fest Event Info

Virginia Garden Week - April 22-29 
Garden Clubs all over Virginia are hosting tours of historic and significant homes and gardens.
  Virginia Beach Tour - Tuesday, April 25th.  For more info, visit

Earth Day – April 22 - Celebrate in you own special way.  If you’re looking for a City sanctioned event, you’ll have to wait until May 7th for a big shindig at Mt. Trashmore.   But the City is sponsoring a Native American Pow Wow the 22nd at Red Wing Park 1398 General Booth Blvd.  Drumming, dancing, crafts and foods will be displayed.

ODU’s Earth Day Open House – April 21.  Visitors can view science exhibits and meet researchers who work in the university’s laboratories.  The event, which is free and open to the public, is from 11-3 in the Oceanography and Physics Building. In addition to learning about environmental issues, you can attend an Astronomy show and see a new interactive Chesapeake Bay computer modeling system.  Learning stations will also include weather, marine life, laser technology, electromagnetic fields, and the equipment used by physicists and oceanographers.   Children are welcome and encouraged to participate.   Bring along a plain t-shirt to print fish and fossils on.  For more info contact Amanda Renwick at 683-4280 or

 Norfolk's International Azalea Festival: A Salute to NATO  - April 24 -30.   This week-long celebration of NATO, includes the Parade of Nations, a music festival, art exhibits, the Coronation of Queen Azalea and her Court and more. This year will honor member nation Canada.  Call 757-282-2801 for information

January 2006

Thanks Pansy Purchasers, Planters and Cooking Class Supporters!!!    
Butterfly Express patrons not only received a great price for pansies ($2.50 per 6 in. pot), they earned 32 free pansies for the Garden Club.  And from proceeds generated at the Thai Cooking Class in August, Yarrow, Coreopsis and Asters were purchased.   All have been planted at the front entry or along
Kendall.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to these events/projects.

No Current Garden Club Agenda
To finance future projects/events, a neighborhood Chili Cook Off was proposed at the Nov. Luncheon. Due to lack of support, there are no current plans.  If you want to change that, get
virtually involved. (See next segment)

Dig This...  The Garden Club is Going Virtual
No need to take time out of a hectic schedule for meetings.  Participate in the Garden Club via an e-mail forum.  To become a CHS virtual gardener, simply e-mail with “Garden Club” in the subject area. In response, you’ll receive a short survey requesting info about what you’d like the Garden Club to be.  Survey results will be e-mailed out to respondents and future Garden Club efforts will focus on the interest of participants.  You don’t need to know anything about gardening to participate.  Only a willingness to contribute ideas and/or opinions via e-mail is required.   And, of course, membership does have privileges:  Members will receive discounts to & early notice of events, like cooking classes, that may have space limitations.


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